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About Us

Established in 2014, The Center for Resilient Landscapes represents a joint venture between the US Forest Service and the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences / New Jersey State Agricultural Experiment Station. The Forest Service's motto is “caring for the land and serving people” and the agency has a long tradition as a land manager, a provider of technical assistance, and an incubator of research and development. Rutgers is New Jersey's Land Grant University, whose 21st Century strategic goals include “creating a sustainable world”. As one of a small number of comprehensive research universities that is prepared and committed to exercise national leadership for higher education, RU is: (i) creating knowledge and ideas for the improvement of the human condition; (ii) preparing students to meet the needs of a changing society, while encouraging personal and professional growth, and (iii) advancing the well-being of our communities, state, and nation. Many of its faculty pursue mission-oriented teaching, research, and outreach on real world problems, and students are encouraged to adopt a real world approach to educational experience and subsequent professional aspiration.

The mission of the CRL is to create a community of collaboration amongst scientists of both academia and US Forest service programs. It is intended to provide a location for shared programming and outreach to better develop a linked capacity coupled with other partners such as NJ DEP to meet current, emerging and future challenges to NJ and NE Regional urban, rural and wildland forests. In addition, the center is meant to provide an avenue for students to meet and interact with both Rutgers and USFS scientists as a convenient venue central to the NE corridor rail and transportation centers.

The center joins a constellation of collaborative communities within the forest service in the NE regional zone, particularly on the heavily urbanized coastal corridor: